Big Thief Ready to Steal Your Spine Tomorrow Night at Mohawk

In Lectures on Literature, Vladmir Nabokov constructs an extended metaphor for a method of reading that elicits the most value from a text. He says, essentially, that we should read with a reserved judgement yet passion for the author’s unique world, with artistic appreciation tempered by scientific coolness, not with our heart or our mind, but our spine–the connecting biological piece between the two. Well, Big Thief is here to steal your spine. By that, I mean to say that Big Thief’s carefully constructed and nuanced folk pop is rewarding for critical listeners, but the band’s songs are also so powerfully emotional–not so much a gut punch but a rising sense of the need to weep inexplicably. The band’s most recent album, Capacity, is utterly exquisite. Your brain will love it and your heart will melt; it will send shivers down your spine.

There are bands who make technically accomplished music that’s void of heart, and bands that make cathartic songs without any technical prowess at all. Big Thief is one of those bands that delivers in every aspect. They’ve been the beneficiary of a wide range of praise from some of music’s most esteemed journalistic outlets, and I think wider even recognition is in their future. Tomorrow night’s show at Mohawk is a must-see show, plus you have the incredible bonus of walking inside after the outdoor show to see Monk Parker celebrating the release of another outstanding album, while being supported by one of Austin’s best songwriters, Adam Torres. Be at Mohawk tomorrow night; get tickets here. Stream music by these artists below.

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Bryan Parker is a writer and photographer living and working in Austin, TX. He is the founder of blog Pop Press International and print journal True Sincerity and recently released his first book, a volume on Beat Happening in the 33 1/3 series.

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