Planet Manhood Back With New Tape

Pop this mother in the tape deck of yer ’96 Civic and cruise the golden hour. Lo-fi and mid-tempo with just enough disappointment, Planet Manhood‘s new tape/EP has five fresh songs on side A and older material on the other (side B). Much thanks to Merdurhaus for putting out Mistake House, an EP with songs like “Game” that drift with airiness and approachability a Weezer demo might have had. The guitars sound thick with muddy feedback and “i dont care”-style vocals overdriven in the vein of Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo. Opener “Cruise” is the jam, killer hooks and all. The lead guitar line carries the song after a sublime falsetto send-off. Buy the tape if yer deck isn’t jammed. Otherwise, buy the DL code here. Listen to “Cruise” below:

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