Ty Segall Emotionally Mugs Mohawk: Live Review

Ty_Segall_021916-2I can’t tell you who said it first, but articles comparing Ty Segall’s latest artistic development to the combined influence of David Bowie and Iggy Pop abound as of late. When everyone’s saying the same thing at the same time, it’s often with good cause; the comparisons are spot on. Segall has merged the extravagant glam rock of Bowie with the edgier punk rock spirit of Iggy Pop to create a live show that moves beyond his previous reputation for ragers and into an era characterized by costume and trademark stage antics. Friday night at the Mohawk, he and his band The Muggers performed a set that sent the audience into frenzied outbursts — fitting, as he dubbed his newest album Emotional Mugger.

Ty_Segall_021916-7Above all, Segall’s increasingly iconic baby head mask defines the weirdo art punk aesthetic of the live show. Although the mask was abandoned almost immediately after him taking the stage, Segall did put it back on later in the night as he moaned something bizarre about having two daughters. A la Iggy Pop, Segall spits wantonly onto the stage or even into his own hand before reaching out into the crowd, not to mention borrowing the punk rocker’s classic technique of walking out over the hands of attending fans. Undoubtedly, Segall’s prolific output and never-boring live show have cemented him as one of indie music’s most vital icons.

CFM_021916-3CFM, the project of Fuzz member Charles Moothart opened the night with a heavy set of unrelenting rock n roll. Dim lights and disheveled hair cocooning microphones dominated the visual spectacle as CFM cranked out riff driven psych punk that swirled around Mohawk’s outdoor stage with a menacing crunch.

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