Hear New Beacon Track “L1” Now

With a new EP en route entitled L1 due out December 2nd on Ghostly International, Brooklyn ambient-elecronica band Beacon promises to delve further into the complex psychological realm first unveiled in their debut album The Ways We Separate. Probing minimalist spaces that seem to lie somewhere amongst the annals of an abandoned society, the title track “L1” grooves with steady R&B hypnotism, gliding through an aqueous anxiety of mingled textures and dark keys. The trademark whisper-vocals croon and whimper, invoking hope of the light against the dusk-laden progress — and such hope arrives about halfway through, when the song dives into a sparkling pasture of hopefully flitting brass, before rejoining with the grooves and textures to rise momentously as a round-about oblation of soulful yin-yang. Give this ephemeral magic a listen here:

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