FFF Fest Preview: Courtney Barnett Talks Ghost Gum & Fish Tacos


Courtney Barnett

Some of the artists we’re most excited to see at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest are the up-and-coming acts that will take the stage in the early or mid-afternoon hours. You’d serve yourself well by showing up early and seeing some of the outstanding acts that will play long before the sun sets. Just one of those many acts is Courtney Barnett. We were fortunate enough to correspond with the wry Australian songwriter in advance of her appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Check out that Q&A below and watch her video for “Avant Gardener” following the interview.

Lukas Truckenbrod: I feel like Australians and Texans are kindred spirits. What’s your quintessential Texan moment?

Courtney Barnett: That bit in Wayne’s World where they’re in front of the green screen, “Maybe you want to go to Texas. Howdy, Pardner let’s raise and rope broncos. Howdy y’all!”

LT: Tell me about your songwriting process. Do you tend to “let the spirit flow” or does it take a bit more work to tease your muse?

CB: Haha both i guess; I just write stuff all the time and then put it together into songs.

LT: Do you have a spirit plant?

CB: I feel a pretty eerie connection with the Ghost Gum. That’s not really a plant is it , more like a tree. I like Yuccas. I also love the Red Waratah. And Kangaroo Paw.

LT: Which FFF Fest stage is the best this year, Yellow (comedy), Orange (main), Black (metal/punk), or Blue (electronic/hip-hop)?

CB: Orange!!! or maybe Blue just for Gary Numan.

LT: Which artists are you most excited to share this bill with?

CB: Yo La Tango! I’ve had their record on repeat all year.

LT: If you were a taco, what kind of taco would you be?

CB: Fish with extra hot sauce and red cabbage. No pineapple, ew.

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