Nicholas Krgovich Shares “City of Night” Video featuring Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman

The Pacific Northwest has a habit of doing things their own way. Whether it was the weirdo punk of Beat Happening or the riot grrrl rock of Sleater-Kinney, the region has been a historical hot-bed for moving musical genres in new directions. Lately, many bands from the Northwest have eschewed the broad trends of garage pop or surfy rock and have instead incorporated some of the breezy, laid-back sounds of 70s soft rock. LAKE and iji are a couple that fit into this category, and while Nicholas Krgovich has lived primarily in L.A. or Vancouver, he’s hung around with the Washington state crowd enough that similarities between his music and the music these artists are evident.

Krgovich’s new video for “City of Night” is a moody, mellow pop tune built on tender croons, wavering synths, and thin drum loops. Standing between two fluorescent lights with a city’s nighttime skyline twinkling in the background, Krgovich works some smooth dance moves to his own loungey pop. The video’s latter half features a guest appearance by the Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman who busts some dance moves of her own. Directed & edited by Peter J. Brant, the video works on quick cuts and shots of city streets after sunset. Watch “City of Night” below. On Sunset is available for purchase now.

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