Video: Amen Dunes “Splits Are Parted”

A pendulum ponytail wags in the dark as a young girl runs towards the viewer, opening the video for Amen Dunes’ latest single “Splits are Parted.” Backlit, hand reaching forward through a strobing light, Damon McMahon stands appropriately ominous and controlling. The rest of the video provides similar dark perseverance, the girl always running, McMahon always reaching, strobes always pulsing. In a tense, repetitious form of hypnosis, the song and its video counterpart evoke dark shadows of longing, the nostalgia most of us don’t usually look back on with fondness. Those memories of someone with their backs turned while you’re left alone in that room, lights flickering. The video is Directed and edited by Jesse Hlebo and Damon McMahon. Watch below.

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