Album Review: Wyrd Visions – Half-Eaten Guitar

wyrd-visions-half-eaten-guitarVisions is true folk-metal.  There’s repetition for the sake of repetition, casting off expectations for a big build.  On the opening track “Sigill,” fragile vocals come in after 2:30 of the same acoustic guitar riff.  The vocals get repeated and double-tracked as mantras and a single bass drum comes in before gorgeous galloping finger-picked guitar comes in close to the 9-minute mark to carry you through the dark night.
“Everything here is so old.  Everything here is so dark” opens “Freezing Moon,” another slow haunter with a single church bell and Jennifer Castle’s witchy background vocals. “Air Conditioning” is the only song to feature electric guitar and multiple guitar tracks swarm, buzz, circle, and tangle before chanting vocals begin below the mix. Half-Eaten Guitar is five sprawling simplistic songs in under 42 minutes.  It was originally released in 2006 on a Toronto record store’s obscure label, Blue Fog Recordings, but just received a fancy vinyl re-release via P.W. Elverum and Sun, which is Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie’s mostly vinyl label based in Anacortes, Washington.
This is definitely a niche album, but one worth investigating for true music lovers, especially those interested in the droning dark folk that has become common for Mount Eerie’s newer albums — Clear Moon and Ocean Roar.  Its icy instrumental stretches might appeal to post-rock fans and folk fans might feel like they’re experimenting with black metal in a safe space.

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