Album Review: Temples – Sun Structures

temples-sun-structuresDid LSD bring out more music or did the music bring about more LSD? With Foxygen, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Melody’s Echo Chamber and a slew of other similarly grounded groups on the rise, it’s arguable that the second go-round of psych-pop could be sobering up without losing any of its influential edge. Sun Structures, the premier album release of UK quartet Temples, aids in this revival

“Shelter Song” serves as the albums single with good reason—it’s built on a steady rock hi-hat and snare combo, and you find yourself singing along with both the call and response of the lead and backup vocals throughout. If you want the full consciousness expansion experience however, “The Golden Throne” and “Mesmerise” have a multifaceted delivery that will help you conjure your inner Timothy Leary.

Temples does an unbelievable job carrying on the psych-pop torch. The execution of every layered sound is impeccable. Their visual performance is equally as complimentary to the past. Each member sports a shaggy haircut and vintage attire they surely acquired from their parent’s attic. Temples does a lot of looking back on “Sun Structures,” which is ultimately a spot on reenactment of a genre that’s been already mastered. Each song sounds like it pays homage to a different 60’s icon– The Electric Prunes; The Byrds; The 13th Floor Elevators; Marc Bolan. In this way, “Sun Structures” shows that Temples still has room to grow. With a young band like this, future records will bear out whether or not the band will come into their own more fully and find a distinctiveness that sets them apart from their predecessors.

Oasis front man Noel Gallagher used his clout to push this group to the front lines of the rock scene calling them “the best new band in Britain.” Temples may be a new band, but they’re certainly not a new sound. I’m hoping such high praise will instill a confidence that enables the group to allow their own sound and creativity to flourish on future compilations.

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