FPSF Preview: Interview with The Sour Notes

Sour_Notes_Holy_Mountain-1Before The Sour Notes were one of Austin’s most steadfast acts, some of its members called Houston home. This weekend they’ll return to the HTX for an appearance at FPSF alongside huge acts such as the Postal Service, Iggy and the Stooges, TV on the Radio, and Cat Power. We corresponded with the band about their multiple summer festival appearances, their ties to H-town, upcoming tour plans, and what’s on the horizon for the band. You can catch the band on Saturday evening when they headline the Venus Stage at FPSF. Check out our conversation with the band below and stream a track from the band following the interview.

Pop Press International: The Sour Notes began as a Houston band. Do you guys still feel an allegiance to that city and the bands/people you know there?

Sour_Notes_Stubbs-3Sour Notes: Definitely, Houston has some of the best, hardest working upcoming bands in the country right now. Wild Moccasins, Buxton, Grandfather Child have been hitting it hard for a long time, they are great and they have always been very kind to us. A couple of us are from Houston originally and have some very fond memories there of the Proletariat and whatnot. We try to play there as much as we can but with gas prices being so high and our van being from 1985 without A/C, working windshield wipers, a speedometer and a 2 year expired inspection sticker, it can be a little tricky to make the trek lately especially since it died the last two times we played there.

PPI: This year’s FPSF lineup was more carefully curated and selective than ever before, particularly with local/regional bands. Does that make it feel like more of an honor to be on such a solid lineup?

Sour_Notes_Free_Week_Mohawk-01SN: We are elated to be returning back to FPSF for the 4th year in a row! Just as we are every time we are asked, it is always a surprise. Their crew definitely ups their game with each year as far as the lineup and the execution of such a massive festival, it has definitely been exciting to watch it grow and attend it. But it’s also cool how it stays true to it’s roots and takes care of it’s own through booking hard working newer local acts like Mikey & The Drags, The Suffers, Hello Chief alongside behemoths like Postal Service & Bassnectar.

PPI: The Sour Notes continue to be included in high profile events, several years at FPSF, SXSW, and NXNE. What’s on the horizon for the band as you guys get more and more notoriety?

The_Sour_Notes_040813-13SN: We definitely feel very lucky about all of that. Ultimately, it is just matter-of-chance though and we are mostly focused on just trying to keep our heads above the water while still being productive as things get more busy with band stuff while we try to keep the rest of our lives afloat. I don’t know if it’s a matter of notoriety vs. just not going away, we have been doing this for a few years now and all we want is to do it for many years more. We are grateful for all the people who have put up with us and helped us along the way, from engineers, promoters, fans, bloggers and our coworkers, friends & loved ones who somehow keep tolerating us. We are having a fantastic time and have so many more songs we want to record and play for people; we will be doing this for a long time.

The_Sour_Notes_040813-7We have a cassingle coming out with a new song from our new album that we haven’t put out yet and a Wire cover as a B-Side (“Mannequin”) so we are excited about that. We have done CDs and vinyl but never a cassette! We’ll be putting that out next week. We’ll be spending some of our time in Houston this weekend wrapping up the mixing of our album at Sugar Hill Recording Studio with Steve Christensen, so we hope to shop that around while we’re on the road and in Toronto for NXNE for a week.

PPI: Which bands on the FPSF bill are you most excited about seeing?

Sour_Notes_Stubbs-6SN: TV on the Radio, Japandroids, Cat Power, The Octopus Project, A Place To Bury Strangers, Iggy, Mikey & The Drags, Hello Chief, Young Mammals, Deep Cuts, Buxton, Ume are some favorites but it’s also fun to stumble upon a set by a band you’re not familiar with to see if it will become a new favorite once your iPhone dies and you’re about to collapse from a heat stroke, that’s always a nice religious experience. Our friend Andrew Hernandez is coming down with us for fun, so I guess we are going to watch him freak out at Jandek.

PPI: Your FPSF appearance sort of launches you into a summer tour. What are some of the Sour Notes tour routines and traditions?

SN: Kuma’s corner for sure.

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