The Lonely Life Screening w/ ((sounder)) and GALPALS Afterparty

Michael Aho discusses The Lonely Life

Michael Aho discusses The Lonely Life

The event last Thursday that took place at both the Scottish Rite Theater and the Mohawk had so many great things going on it was difficult to process it all. Primarily, the event served as a a forum for Michael David Aho to screen his newest short film The Lonely Life, which stars Will Oldham of Bonnie Prince Billy. Just before the screening we were also treated to a screening of David Lowery’s Pioneer, which also stars Oldham and is still making the festival circuit. After the event, Aho’s band ((sounder)) performed at the Mohawk along with GALPALS and Troller.

Lonely_Life_Q_and_A-2Pioneer is built on the art of storytelling and features Oldham recanting what amounts to mythology regarding the birth and early life of his (likely) adopted son. The Lonely Life experiments (pun intended) with the science-fiction genre of film while touching on universal motifs of loneliness, isolation, exploitation, and identity. Set only slightly in the future (2015), the story revolves around David Whitmore, whose brain has been cryogenically frozen, and chronicles his attempts to regain memories from his past life after the “reattachment” process. The film is wonderfully acted, and one can’t help but think of standout, landmark works like One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest. Aho also created all of the music for the film, which will be released as an album entitled The Howlingest Call by his band ((sounder)).


((sounder)) performs with Bonnie Prince Billy

After the screening of Pioneer and before The Lonely Life began, the movie screen rose to reveal ((sounder)) performing the title song from the film. Aho sang while playing an acoustic guitar flanked by a chorus, all donned in the uniform Oldham wears as a patient in the film. Making their way from the stage, the group paraded through the crowd before the screen descended again and the film began. The brief performance was an excellent accent. Later, we got to hear even more of the music from ((sounder))’s forthcoming album. To be direct, I was surprised at the band’s sound, which is rooted in Americana. However, Aho fills that descriptor out with plenty of experimental sounds and eerie interludes. Will Oldham joined ((sounder)) onstage later in the set to perform one Bonnie Prince Billy song. Oldham was set up to spin records, but it seemed that it never really got going, due to technical difficulties.

GALPALS_at_Mohawk-4GALPALS’ set was fantastic as it always is, with the band sounding increasingly confident as they power through their repertoire of songs. I can’t be sure, but I believe there was a new one in the mix. The band has just released their debut 7″ on Howling Owl Records out of the UK, and you can purchase it here.

We’re looking forward to keeping up with all of these bands and projects. If you get a chance to see either film or any of the bands involved in this event, we highly recommend making it out.

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