EP Review: Lazyeyes – Lazyeyes EP

The recording quality, mixing, and production of “Nostalgia” the opener on Brooklyn quartet Lazyeyes’ self-titled, debut EP immediately arrests the listener. It’s so captivating in fact, that it took me another listen to get over the shock of how good its technical qualities are and notice how incredible enjoyable the song itself is. “Nostalgia” is a bundle of distorted, dreamy pop comprised of layered textures of reverb, danceable guitar notes, and upbeat snares. The song delivers an extra punch and adds tambourine for the subtly defined chorus into which the song flows seamlessly.

In defiance of all probability for such a young band, this debut EP never loses steam, and each of the next three songs offers something new and memorable. “Forever,” too airy to be gritty with guitars too clangy to be called shimmering, delivers a perfect balance of grime and shine. Even the “slow” song, “Wait,” possesses a circular, swaying rhythm that entrances the listener, but its punchy electric guitar whine keeps the song immediate and grounding. “Wait” recalls the outstanding track “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs without falling into ripping it off or being derivative. It’s a track that I can see being discarded at once as a lull, but that instead competes fiercely as a favorite.

“Daydream” closes the record and functions as its most even and laid back—think early Beach House. After announcing their sound confidently, rocking out, and cooling it off, Lazyeyes give us just what we need on “Daydream.” On their self-titled EP, Lazyeyes render a cohesive sound while simultaneously proving their dexterity. This band won’t stay under the radar from long. We can’t wait to hear more from them, and we suspect we won’t have to wait long. Hear “Nostalgia” below via Bandcamp.

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