Exclusive New Music from Bouquet – “Drifted”

Bouquet is a new project fronted by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, who released several collections of beautiful, sparse indie folk songs under the name the Finches. The band also includes songwriter Tom Filardo of the Phoenix-based band Asleep in the Sea, who crated raucous Unicorns-esque indie rock. But Bouquet delivers something wholly new and fresh with their careful, downtempo, dark pop.

Right now, the band is in a stage that is perhaps more exciting than any time in a musical career. They have three songs only available for download on their bandcamp page, and each one is so good that you want more. However, the only way to get more is to see them live. Hence all the anticipatory excitement. We were lucky enough to catch one of the band’s earliest shows at the Anacortes Unknown music series, which we wrote about here. Several very lucky American cities will be able to see Bouquet open for Mount Eerie when the two tour together next month.

We’re excited to bring you the exclusive track “Drifted” from Bouquet’s initial three-song release. As great as all three songs are, “Drifted” is my favorite. The melody is beautiful but unusual. The track opens with the thud of a bass guitar that sounds almost just like notes from Angelo Badalamenti’s classic compositions for the show Twin Peaks. Pennypacker Riggs’ voice is haunting–somehow simultaneously luminous and shadowed. Then the song opens up with a symbol crash and slowly strummed guitar, before dipping back into it’s low, floating groove. “Drifted” utilizes negative space wonderfully to call attention to each carefully arranged instrument. It has your full attention without having to overstate its case. Stream below followed by the two other tracks on Bouquet’s bandcamp page. “Cave Live” provides the most similarity to the sparse folk of the Finches but adds darker, distorted elements; “The Sky Alone” employs abrupt changes, beautiful layers of sound, and edges on dark psych. This is a band to keep your eyes and ears on. You can keep up with them at their website www.bouquetmusic.com.

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