The Believer Offers Calvin Johnson Curated Cassette with Music Issue

Honestly, there’s just no point in saying it any other way. Here’s The Believer in their own words about the cassette collaboration with Calvin Johnson as well as the impending Believer tour involving Johnson. All we can say is we are stunned and beside ourselves with excitement.

Straight from The Believer‘s website:

To share our joy over this year’s Music Issue, on stands July 1st, we’re offering $5 off the subscription (or renewal) price of the Believer! Your first issue features a free cassette of tape-only releases, curated by K Records’ Calvin Johnson. Dig out your Walkman (there’s a free digital download for those of you whose Walkman batteries have died) and listen to Mom, Soviet, the Shivas, Tomorrows Tulips, and more, while you read interviews with Lucinda Williams, Moby, Brian Chippendale, & Wes Borland, and essays on the grim nostalgia of the Ass Ponys, Anthony Heilbut on the history of the male soprano, the bizarre shadow world of library music, what we talk about when we talk about music (particularly Steely Dan), columns by Nick Hornby, Daniel Handler, Greil Marcus, and (of course) more.

Then, join Calvin and a rotating cast of bands from themixtape as they tour Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Brooklyn this August as part of the Believer Music Issue Road Show!

Order now and start your summer right.

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