Track Review: “Weekends” – Tiger Waves

The newest single, “Weekends,” from Austin’s Tiger Waves is incredible. It begins with a brief swelling synth before introducing a swirling beat and electric guitar notes. Following that, layers are incrementally introduced: echoing handclaps, vocals, and two additional guitar lines. The song recalls the Beach Boys in many ways, not the least of which are the background oohs. However, “Weekends” feels too current and fresh to be a simple derivation of the classic surf pop band. “Weekends” offers everything you want out of a song, and summer stereos nationwide are longing to be a part of the excitement. So, download or stream below and enjoy. We stand by a 99% chance you’ll love it. (Note: we always fairly consider music-hating automatons.)

Download: Tiger Waves – Weekends

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