Pioneering Peruvian Cuisine at Inka Chicken

Since moving here seven years ago, it was Claudia Jordan’s dream to share the gospel of practical and delicious Peruvian cuisine with Austinites. She postponed her restaurant until her children were both in high school, getting the best of both worlds: a family grateful for her commitment and, now, the Wells Branch area feeling the same way about her restaurant, Inka Chicken.

Inka Chicken’s menu has every advantage of a fast food restaurant, only their food is fresh, real, and full of flavorful character. Dining in or driving through yields the same delicious chicken, marinated in spices then charcoal roasted on a rotisserie. Crack the fragrant crust and skin, and the juicy meat shreds, dripping with flavor completely to the bone from which it has fallen. Don’t bother with a fork–it won’t keep up with your appetite once you start. Besides, the moist toilettes by the utensils are a go-ahead for ravenous eating behavior.

The yucca fries are golden, starchy, square extrusions with a cloud-like texture. For your other side, have your eyes opened to the world of ripened plantains (meticulously selected by Claudia) whose outer caramelized crust and inner custardy fruit are a crème brûlée that is naturally occurring but only unlocked through perfect preparation and cooking.

Accompanying your plate is a tangy, mayonnaise-like sauce and a zesty, cilantro based concoction. Spill them out on your plate and dip the chicken and sides in both/either of them in every combination and proportion you can think of.

When your meal is done the texture and delicate flavor of the plantains will haunt you. Go back and order the Inka Delight. The aforementioned fruit forms a nest for soft-serve ice cream and caramel sauce. It’s the perfect way to conclude this adventure…at least until you return.

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