Flavor at Iguana Grill

Tortilla-wrapped meals to me are more about elemental enjoyment than convenience–more about well-seasoned meats and personalized condiment additions than hand-held ease. This leaves me and others of a similar persuasion on a quest for interesting spice and taco additions.

Iguana Grill, boasting a beautiful panorama of Lake Travis, holds quite a few finds for flavor-seekers like myself. The upscale Mexican items off of the grill call out for the accompaniments of sunsets, Mexican lagers, and smooth Margarita variations–all of which are available here.

Tomatoes in the salsa have a concentrated depth coaxed out by roasting, but don’t fill up on chips yet. To counter the salt, order a Golden Iguana–a citrusy Margarita-like concoction with premium Tequila of your choice. When choosing your entree, let your flavor curiosities guide your decision. Biting into chicken or beef fajita meat showcases the pineapple, orange, and beer in the marinade–a sumptuously-brined brightness wonderfully complemented by beer or Iguana’s cocktails. Vegetarians are in for a textural treat with their fajitas where sweet onions and bell peppers are juxtaposed with charred, tender-crisp lengths of carrots and zucchini. The Alambres a la Parilla are tender beef pieces whose beer marinade is spiced with herbal overtones that add special interest to your wrapped bites of meat.

Also adding interest–and possibly stealing the condiment show at Iguana–are the habanero onions. Habanero peppers add just as much tropical fruit flavor to the pickled mix as they do delayed heat, augmenting the pork in Al Pastor or the charred black drum in the Fish Tacos. Can’t decide? Order diversely across your table so you can mix and match.

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