Track Review: “Creeping” – 2:54

“Creeping,” the new track from UK sibling duo 2:54, preceding the May 28th release of their eponymous debut on Fat Possum, is a song in two mirrored acts. In act one, steady distorted guitar rings out in succession before crisp drums cut through the mix. Adding singer Colette Thurow’s airy voice, the song ambles forward disjointedly until a whining second guitar erupts at the 1:30 mark in accompaniment to punchy, chant-like vocals. Both guitars at full force create an impenetrable wall of noise. At almost precisely the halfway point, the track’s intermission allows the mix to be reduced to one guitar playing singular distorted notes. For act two, the song kicks back in with steady force, building toward that same whining guitar and cacophonous instrumentation. “Creeping” is a noisy, powerful, and altogether captivating achievement.

Listen via Soundcloud below:

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